With so many channels available to modern marketers, it’s important for brands to maintain a consistent message across the various channels that they utilise. Integrated advertising campaigns can help brands to forge stronger connections with consumers, boost brand recognition and increase sales. In addition to integrated campaigns, many brands are already experimenting with interactive video and some have enjoyed notable successes. The pull of video footage is accentuated by interactive units, which allow curious consumers to react to media by hovering over, clicking on or otherwise engaging with elements. These features can be anything from videos to polls, website links, or galleries. Travel brands have, arguably, an easier job than most when it comes to advertising. People don’t need an excuse to dream about going on holiday! That’s why we should really sit up and take notice when a travel brand goes above and beyond with their marketing. Whether they use clever product placement, genuine social engagement or a standout message, it deserves credit where credit is due. Get the full story at The Drum