Although occupancy around the world is on the rise, most hotels still have room for growth and Inter-Continental Hotels Group is taking advantage of niche markets like airline employees to fill this gap.

Recognized by over 140 airlines around the world, ID90.COM is helping InterContinental Hotels Group reach the millions of airline employees who travel frequently and normally at the last minute.

?Often overlooked by hoteliers, airline employees and their eligible family members are the world?s most flexible frequent flyers traveling on a moment?s notice, and in many cases yielding a higher average daily rate (ADR) than other distribution channels,? Tristan Schukraft, Managing Director of ID90.COM explains. ?As a result, the individual hotels, as well as all the international hotel brands are refocusing their marketing efforts to take advantage of this lucrative market.?

As expressed by Jimmy Thomas, Director Global Sales-IHG, ?Hotels have complete control to open and close availability at anytime, and because all of these reservations are booked through our own booking engine there is no extranet to maintain. In addition, ID90.COM?s global reach allows us to further expand our brand awareness, loyalty and overall marketing efforts within the travel industry.?

Through its partnership with InterContinental Hotels Group, ID90.COM now offers over 12,000 hotels and resorts, in 120 countries. However, the demand for more accommodation is growing at ID90.COM, as it prepares to handle over 20 million interline e-ticket requests in 2008 by airline employees who are able to request their discounted industry tickets through its Interline Fare Calculator?.

While many of its hotels are experiencing high occupancy and record numbers, InterContinental Hotels Group understands the importance of utilizing unique markets such as airline personnel to offset periods of low occupancy, in addition to leveraging this and other revenue opportunities during normal periods.

ID90.COM?s worldwide members log on daily to locate accommodations, helping its family of travel partners fill empty rooms. ID90.COM refers all members to each hotel and does not charge booking or commission fees.

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