Across seven cities within the Asia, Middle East and Africa (AMEA) region, including urban hotspots like Abu Dhabi, Bali, Bangkok, Singapore and Sydney, the Club InterContinental ‘Psychology of Luxury’ survey examined attitudes and perceptions towards luxury experiences, sophisticated dining, bespoke design and personalised services, as well as guests’ lifestyle priorities, purchase intent and behavioural motivators. Gathering insights from close to 200 affluent and discerning world travellers and guests ages 30 to 50, the findings revealed that happiness is rooted in the satisfaction of good service, dedication to quality and bespoke personalisation. According to nearly 80% of those surveyed guests, key service qualities must be attentive, available and bespoke, while close to 60% of respondents are looking for rare, bespoke and unique experiences to make them happy. Get the full story at Travel Daily News