Bill Marriott's entry into the blogosphere is another in a series of steps he has taken to keep his Bethesda company - and himself - relevant in the fast-changing hotel industry, which is adapting to a more urbane breed of traveler who communicates via the Internet and demands a sophisticated lodging experience. The hotel chain has updated its room furnishings and is retooling its lobbies as places for people to eat, drink, work and socialize.

Marriott's blog doesn't mean he is taking on a relationship with a computer. He is dictating his entries into a tape recorder. A transcription will be placed on the Web, and audio of the entries will also be available. Though chief executives in other industries have blogs, some have been criticized as being just more corporate PR. But Kathleen Matthews, Marriott's spokeswoman, insists: "This is going to be Bill Marriott's blog. It's not going to be the corporate blog. He's going to decide what he wants to say."

Topics will include, among other things, riffs on trips he takes, how he runs the company, his thoughts on customer service and what he learns from his employees. He might comment on current events, including his ideas on immigration reform.

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