Social Media, Local search and Mobile Distribution – June 4th, November 12th This one-day workshop covers an introduction to the principal social media local search and mobile platforms being used within the hotel industry. We explore the use of search and how local and Metasearch is impacting buying decisions. The workshop looks at the impact of mobile and the influence on booking behavior, and as a distribution platform for hotels and OTAs and assesses how to include mobile in a revenue strategy. Content Covered includes: - Defining Social media and the different social media platforms - The tools to manage social media programmes at property, brand and franchise level - What is SoLoMo? – the integration of Social, Local and Mobile - Introducing local/ social channels and how to optimise local channels - Mobile web sites and Mobile Apps - Mobile marketing – introducing QR codes and their use in mobile marketing - How to integrate Social Local and Mobile within an on-line and off-line marketing and distribution strategy - The user experience and how usage changes across platforms - How to build for each platform - Mobile Guest technology to support mobile interactions and interactions on the move - OTAs and your mobile presence – where next? Get the full stoy at Revenue by Design