A massive online repository of hotel and restaurant reviews, TripAdvisor is “increasingly agnostic” about how its customers book their accommodations - whether through the site directly or via links to hotel booking sites - Adam Medros, senior vice president of product at TripAdvisor, said in an interview. The company has changed its website to make its "Instant Book" feature less prominent. Investors cheered the move and TripAdvisor shares jumped more than 8 percent in extended trading, even as the company reported earnings that missed analyst estimates. For years the company made money by charging a referral fee for sending its users to sites like Expedia Inc. At the end of 2014, though, it started trying to get those customers to book directly on its site, aiming to capture higher-margin booking fees. The effort continued, while revenue fell and some investors abandoned the stock. In the last few weeks, the company did an about-face, changing its website to more prominently show deals from other websites if the prices were better. “With Instant Book now heavily rolled back on both desktop and mobile, we no longer view IB as a meaningful headwind,” Cowen & Co. analyst Kevin Kopelman said in a note to clients. Get the full story at Bloomberg Read also "TripAdvisor scales back Instant Booking in favor of meta-search ads"