the interactive media community is buzzing about how Apple's iPhone handset, bundled with top search and portal leaders Google and Yahoo!, may ring in new apps and revenue models for content and commerce. Savvy analysts and media planners realize that combo-marketing with Apple's iconic brand and co-marketing to the company's early adaptor audience may justify larger budgets for multi-platform brand campaigns that run across three or more screens.

The research continues to support mobile marketing as the next-gen "killer app" for advertisers. Last week's eMarketer report, for example, predicts that brands will spend nearly $5 billion on wireless advertising, up from $421 million in 2006. Sure, you've heard before that mobile marketing is heating up, but in the long run mobile commerce will dwarf those projections.

That's why the real edge for Apple's iPhone may be in exploiting the iTunes' platform across channels. Can Apple's iPhone really impact the interactive marketplace if it only reaches CEO Steve Jobs' projection of 10 million iPhones sold by 2008?

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