The digital revolution that rocked the music and entertainment industries in the last 5 years has arrived in the world of travel. MP3 audio walking tours that combine local narrators, hip rhythms, and sites not listed in any guidebook.

"These tours are urban adventures," says Rob Pyles, the 28-year old founder of Audissey Guides. "They're for the iPod generation -- narrated by local people who share the good, the bad and the ugly of their city with you."

Tours of Boston, Chicago and Seattle have just been released by Audissey Guides, while Miami Beach, Hollywood, and New Orleans will be released this summer.

The tours lead travelers down hidden alleys, along subway rides and, of course, to local watering holes. And the tour narrators? A motley crew of punk rockers, exotic dancers, tribal leaders, and FBI agents - to name just a few. An ambient soundtrack also captures the flavor of each city.

Audissey Guides is targeting travelers that are young, socially conscious and tech-savvy. "These tours are for the 'Generation i' traveler," says Pyles. "The people who book their travel online and never leave home without their iPods."

Pyles asserts that today, younger travelers face a dilemma, no longer content to snap photos in front of touristy landmarks. "We're a generation of backpackers and thrill-seekers. We want to explore the city beyond the recommendations of the local tourism board."

Plus, with the ubiquitous, white earbuds, these tour-goers can blend in and feel like a local, a fact that Pyles says resonates with travelers.

Audissey Guides donates a portion of all tour sales to a local nonprofit in each of its tour cities. Current nonprofit partners include Young Chicago Authors in Chicago, The Market Foundation in Seattle, and Zumix in Boston.

Tours are available for download at for $12.95.

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