What many marketers ignored, however, was the fact that setting up scientifically valid experiments is a complex process. Not mincing their words, Venture Beat have suggested that "trained statisticians would tear the average marketer's A/B test to shreds." As providers of a software platform to some of the world's largest hotel groups, we are regularly asked to set up tests on the websites of our clients. With accuracy being such a core element of our value proposition, performing the right kind of testing is something we spend a lot of time thinking about. And, often, the right kind of testing is indeed a properly hypothesized, correctly set up, professionally monitored A/B test. So, we wouldn't agree that A/B testing is dead. We do however celebrate the growing acceptance of the fact that A/B tests are not a catch-all solution that anyone can benefit from. The over-simplified version of A/B testing that businesses have been sold for the best part of a decade encourages them to look at their data in the wrong way. Get the full story at Triptease