In a different era, the federal government might get involved and take a long, hard look at this transaction. But the fact is that online travel agencies are lumped together with all travel agencies, while online bookings are measured against all online bookings, including direct to supplier bookings. So on its face, Expedia won't have a majority share of travel bookings as a whole. But in its third-party online travel agency segment, it is now an even bigger giant than it already was. Expedia also may be poised to start moving back into the airline market to get additional revenue. The irony here is Expedia began in 1996 as a way for consumers to book airline fares. Then, as airlines figured out they didn't want to pay high commissions to online travel agencies, Expedia turned to hotel sales, where it now makes most of its money, as does nearly every single other OTA. Get the full story at TravelPulse