Buckle in. Marketing - and your entire organization - is about to be overwhelmed with stiffer data privacy regulations around the globe. The poster child for this movement is GDPR, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. As a marketing leader, you’ll be spending hundreds of hours with the legal eagles and the data teams on what many analysts are calling the biggest thing to hit B2B marketing in a generation. As we’ve been preparing for GDPR these last few months, I’m having flashbacks to my time in the IT world as we counted down to Y2K. The similarities between GDPR and Y2K are striking: - Hype, hysteria and confusion that builds during countdown to enactment while people wonder about what’s really going to happen. - Antiquated legacy tech and processes to figure out and deal with, which leads to discovering how messed up the systems and data are. - A ton of money and resources spent - some valuable, most wasted - on trying to understand its impact and what to do. Get the full story at Marketing Land Read also "GDPR is coming, but nobody knows how it will be enforced"