As Brian McGuinness of Starwood notes, there was a time when travelers were drawn to hotels because hotels were better than home, but then “’people started doing great things to their houses and hotels needed to catch up’” (Travel and Leisure). Hence, the move in recent years to make hotels more interesting and innovative than the average home. To do so, hotels have gone one of two ways: giving guests total control (e.g., control over lights, air, and so forth all from a mobile app) or making sure they don’t have to control anything by doing it for them, usually behind the scenes (e.g., nightlight sensors by the bed that light up automatically when they sense someone is moving in the night). While all of this technology is super cool, true tech intel actually comes from how you integrate the technology and what you do with what you learn. This makes a hotel smart with a capital S. Let’s look at some examples. Get the full story at SnapShot