Not surprisingly, the role and requirements of the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) have undergone equally dramatic changes. What used to be a position akin to the head of a marketing or advertising agency is now one requiring equal expertise in product management, corporate marketing, product marketing, and IT — a combination of skills that has led recruiters to refer to qualified candidates as “unicorns.” The requirements of a modern CMO are numerous and complex: 1. Product management: They have to understand the technology in its earliest stages so they can interact with the market and customers to shape the product plan for Engineering and Product Development teams. 2. Corporate marketing: They have to understand how to build and differentiate their core solutions and then manage a variety of disciplines (website design, content, demand generation) to launch the company, build market awareness, and create sales preference. 3. Product marketing: They have to be able to continue to define and reinforce the product advantages for the market (channel, end user, specifier) to blunt the competition and build market traction. Get the full story at VentureBeat