A recent study by Network Solutions, LLC and the Center for Excellence in Service at the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business echoed the sentiment that small business owners don’t feel confident in developing and deploying a mobile marketing strategy. “The State of Small Business Report - January 2011 Survey of Small Business Success,” uncovered these details about small business attitudes toward the new medium :

Mobile marketing is still cutting-edge. Despite their use of mobile devices for routine interactions with social media, small businesses are skeptical that a broader use of mobile marketing can provide tangible value to their businesses right now. Most owners consider mobile marketing to be “ahead of its time” (24 percent) for small business or “cutting edge” (36 percent). Only 15 percent of small business owners believe that mobile marketing would be “extremely” or “very valuable” to their enterprise, and another 20 percent feel it would be “somewhat” valuable. This attitude is largely unchanged after owners hear more about detailed uses of mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing consists of a range of activities like texting information on promotions to customers, listing a business on a location based website, creating a mobile site, creating a mobile application, and advertising on mobile sites. The majority of owners are aware of each of these activities, but few use them or consider them valuable. The most relevant mobile marketing activity is listing a business on a location-based website. Almost half (48 percent) of owners consider this to be at least somewhat valuable to their business; 19 percent have already done this while 33 percent will have done so in two years if owners carry out their plans.

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