The issue grabbed consumer attention last week when The Daily Telegraph published a story about an investigation by the Office of Fair Trading into “suspected breaches of competition law in the hotel online booking sector,” according to a statement by the OFT, the United Kingdom’s consumer and competition authority. The Telegraph story takes a giant leap based on what the OFT has said publicly. It sources emails from hotel employees about pricing, but they only prove that individual hotel properties are managing all distribution channels consistently, not collusion among competitors. The allegations are rooted in a campaign started last September by the owner of online travel agency Skoosh, Dorian Harris. Harris has been vocal about his position on rate parity: “I’ve reported more or less the entire hotel industry to the OFT for price-fixing,” he said in his 29 October 2010 corporate blog. Get the full story at Read also "Email trails reveal alleged hotel pricing fixing in action" at Tnooz