Regardless of the new Apple patent filing, Google has a rich and comparatively mature offering when it comes to roadside maps and navigation. However like most of search it could probably be considered in its infancy. It’s been replacing print versions of both telephone books and streetmaps, with maps and navigation capable of automatically updating in what seems like realtime. The Apple patent appears to focus upon adding a more social element to Apple’s Maps, and one of the features looks like a rating and review aspect showing in the patent. For instance, a number of people who appear to be commuting from their homes in the morning (breakfast time) tend to stop at a diner in Cupertino, and spend enough time there to eat breakfast, drink a cup of coffee, and so on. That dinner tends to be more popular than other local dinners, so it might be ranked higher than other diners, even though there isn’t an express form that someone might have filled out. But having people actually provide more details to maps could be even better than making assumptions like that. Get the full story at SEO by the Sea