There are already signs that computer and smartphone users are wizening up. Sarah Hughes, a cofounder of travel industry consulting firm Fiz, has reported that research shows that “the majority of users now prefer to book directly via airlines and hotels rather than rely on online travel agencies….What does this tell us? That consumers are more interested in travel brands than they are in having information pre-filtered according to a narrow set of perceived needs.” But it also tells us something far more important. It reveals that consumers are no longer taking for granted that aggregators offer the best deals. “The price compare sites are mostly a waste of time,” Tom Lewis, a self-proclaimed travel industry insider, wrote on Quora. “The only deals are on last minute unsold inventory in off-season periods. You can get those discounts by calling yourself or better yet booking with a good agent.” He’s right: The price control pendulum is swinging back toward the hoteliers. “It was really easy for the aggregators to gobble up all this business in the past because the hotels weren’t really paying any attention,” that West Coast CEO told me. But eventually, the aggregators cornered so much of the market that they jacked up their commissions high enough that everyone had to take notice. The CEO revealed that his hotels typically paid aggregators 20 percent commission—and in many cases even 30 percent. Get the full story at Medium Backchannel