The entrepreneur Steven Brill estimated in Congressional testimony in late 2005 that the Registered Traveler program, in which members pay about $100 a year to receive a biometric I.D. card and to use a special lane to get through airport security with less bother, would be operating at 30 to 40 big airports in six months.

In March, he said in an interview that the program would have as many as 400,000 members by the end of 2007. In an interview during the summer, he said his company?s version of the program, called Clear, would have 100,000 members by the fall.

Hasn?t happened.

Clear, the major operator of Registered Traveler, which was mandated by Congress to be operated by private enterprise, now has about 65,000 enrolled members. Competitors, among them Unisys and a partnership called FLO (for Fast Lane Option) Alliance, have said they?re entering the business, and a Unisys program is now operating at one airport, in Reno, Nev.

Is the Registered Traveler program dead in the water?

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