New research has shown nearly 60 per cent of parents say they would continue to travel with their children in the aftermath of a separation. To find out more, Travel Weekly sat down with Compare Insurance Associate Director Natalie Ball to chat about out why single parents are so often forgotten in the world of travel, and what can be done in the future to make options accessible to every type of family. For Ball, just as the definition of a traditional family is changing, so too is the way we travel as families. “If you’re an average Australian family of two adults and two children, things are relatively simple when it comes to booking travel, yet when it comes to a single-parent family, stress levels can soar as the holiday season approaches,” Ball said. “In addition to worrying about how to fund the holiday and the extended time away from work, separated parents have to consider the other parent’s plans and seek consent when taking the children interstate or overseas,” she added. Get the full story at Travel Weekly Australia