According to Rod Cuthbert, former chairman of Viator and founder of Rome2rio, an online travel planning and booking agency, spending weeks researching a family trip is half the fun. “I’m constantly amused by technologists in the travel industry who want to shorten the search and discovery time for consumers,” he told the EyeforTravel Europe summit in London last week. “It’s a crucial part of the satisfaction, looking at hotels while they are sitting at their desk at work three weeks before their trip. They want it to take days, to look at a dozen sites. People don’t want the answer in 300 milliseconds and they will avoid those products.” “If I’m a business person in London wanting to go to Manchester yet again and can talk to an assistant, that’s fantastic,” he added. “But if I’m taking the family on a three-week trip to Sicily, then I want to stretch out that search and discovery process.” Get the full story at EyeForTravel