If not, the clock is ticking to when that information will have to be available, or a hotel risks being in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, according to J. Aaron McCullough, attorney and primary at ADAConsult.com. McCullough, who specializes in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act & the Fair Housing Act, presented a review of the new ADA Title III regulations for hotels and other places of lodging during a webinar this week from HospitalityLawyer.com.

Several new regulations – such as the ones requiring affecting reservations – will become enforceable by March 15, 2012, several changes to major changes affecting lodging industry will become enforceable.

“I’m really concerned I’m not hearing more outcry from your industry on this and seeing more evidence that this concerns you more given that you have 11 months and change until these changes have to be made,” McCullough said. “For those of you operating a small inventory of properties or a single site, particularly if they have been newly constructed, maybe you have less to be worried about. For those of you with a large array of properties or ones that predate ADA, you have a great deal to be concerned about.”

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