The huge shift in power from sales to consumers necessitates quick evolution from marketers, and that’s a good thing. This is our chance to shine. People used to think of the marketing department as the arts and crafts department, but today we can be partners in growth if we make the most of the opportunity. So your customers are reading about products online before talking to your sales team? Great. Make sure your content is the best and most informative. Instead of calling sales, they’re preferring to download content and watch videos on your website? That’s good data, keep sending them helpful, informative information to nurture that relationship. Today marketing departments are surrounded by data. Who is registering for events or stopping by your booth at a trade show? What is that person’s purchase history? If you have this information, you have to use it. Sure you could blast out an email to your entire list that says, “Here’s something new. Buy it.” But don’t you think it would be better to send a personalized email that takes into account what the prospect is looking at on your website and what she has said on social networks about your product? Of course it is. Get the full story at