Generally, the keyless process involves first outfitting only a portion of a hotel’s locks with the new mobile technology, which creates less disruption from an operations perspective. At the moment, the complications might be magnified for multi-brand, multi-property operators piloting more than one keyless system from more than one brand/vendor, but sources said that this somewhat disjointed approach may actually be preferable to a universal solution; at least until keyless tech is a little further along in its development cycle. Hotel technology experts pointed to the integration challenges that could loom for hotels that go the keyless route. “The dictating of the single solution, if that single solution is a problem, then all of your hotels globally have this lock that’s a problem, and that’s a problem for the central group,” said Robert Cole, founder and CEO of tech consultancy RockCheetah. “Do your costs also go up because you’re only using one vendor and there’s not a competitive situation? It’s very complicated.” Get the full story at Hotel News Now