European Commission competition chief Margarethe Vestager thinks breaking up Google isn't the right thing to do right now. The commission is worried that it won't offer any "silver bullets" to promote competition. Instead, the penalties it just imposed on the company — the $5 billion fine and the prohibitions on continuing its illegal behavior — will take care of things. As significant as they are, those penalties aren't enough and come far too late in the game to make much of a difference. And it's long past time to get serious about the threat the search giant represents if it remains intact. At this point, Google is far more powerful that Microsoft was at its zenith. When US antitrust regulators took on Bill Gates' company, it had a monopoly in PC operating systems and productivity software and was aiming to control the web browser market. Get the full story at Business Insider Read also "$5 Billion EU fine against Google brings travel back into the spotlight" at Skift and "Google CEO on $5 billion EU antitrust fine: ‘Android has created more choice, not less’" at VentureBeat