Carat recently surveyed 28,000 millennials ages 15 to 34 to get a better sense of this powerful group's motivations, passions and media habits. What we discovered is that far from being one like-minded consumer set, millennials actually fall into four distinct groups, two of which are most likely to have children. These are segments marketers would be wise to understand. The good news is that one of the two groups of millennial moms embodies the conventional mom we've been marketing to for decades. With their traditional values and lifestyles, they are more reminiscent of Gen Xers or Boomers in their mindset: they're ambitious and determined, and they take pride in handling, not juggling, all aspects of their lives, from raising kids and managing households to building careers and dedicating time to causes, crafts and sports. This means the real challenge lies in connecting with the other, heretofore undefined millennial mom, who is a digital extrovert, obsessed with pop culture and has a strong natural tendency to overshare her thoughts and feelings on social media. From a macro perspective, these moms align most closely to the prevailing stereotypical image of how millennials behave, and also mirror the diverse demographics of the U.S. millennial population. So what should marketers do to reach this new millennial mom? Here are three tips. Get the full story at AdAge