ADR in the Americas increased 3.5 percent to $115.48, and occupancy increased 3.7 percent to 54.5 percent. The largest percentage ADR increase in the region was in San Francisco, up 16.9 percent to $218.96. The steepest percentage decline in both ADR and occupancy was in Bogota, Columbia, where ADR fell 12.6 percent to $112.71, and occupancy dropped 8.7 percent to 40.6 percent. In Europe, ADR for January declined 12.5 percent to $114.62. In terms of the euro, ADR increased 5.2 percent to €101.25. Occupancy also increased 3.5 percent to 54.4 percent. The largest percentage ADR increases, in euro terms, were in Tel Aviv (up 21.1 percent to €182.13) and Manchester, England (up 19.9 percent to €88.04). The largest percentage ADR decreases were in Moscow (down 39 percent to €68.75) and St. Petersburg, Russia (down 31.3 percent to €42.54). Lisbon reported the largest percentage occupancy increase (up 16.9 percent to 49.8 percent), while Tel Aviv experienced the largest percentage occupancy decrease (down 8.9 percent to 57.0 percent). In U.S. dollar terms, the Asia/Pacific region experienced a drop in ADR, down 7.2 percent to $111.50, but an increase in occupancy, up 4.9 percent to 64.7 percent. Elizabeth Winkle, managing director of STR Global, said performance by country in the region varied significantly on a local-currency basis. Get the full story at Business Travel News