Here is how the Just For You feature works: - Travelers search for a hotel in your destination and filter results based on tags, or travel preferences, such as travel style, location, amenities and brand - The proprietary algorithm also factors in the traveler’s prior TripAdvisor research and site contributions - The personalized results are delivered to help travelers find a better hotel for their needs and interests While you can’t add tags for your own property, the Just For You feature is very adaptive. As TripAdvisor Senior Vice President of Global Product Adam Medros points out, “With the new feature, we not only match a traveler with their preferred type of hotel, but we can specifically suggest the trendy, boutique hotel located downtown with a swimming pool because we know those are the specific hotel characteristics you like.” As of right now, the Just For You feature is only available for hotel searches. Searches for B&Bs, restaurants and attractions do not have this new option. Get the full story at TripAdvisor for business Read also "TripAdvisor introduces ‘Just for You,’ hotel recommendations based on search history and feedback"