WIT features some findings from PhoCusWright’s Parsing Shop and Book: How Airlines, Hotels and OTAs Compete on the Desktop and Mobile Web: - Last-minute search volume is huge: Some 30% of searches on OTA mobile websites and nearly one in four on hotel mobile sites are for same-day or next-day check-in (the “same day / 1 day” window in the “x” axis includes the same day and all searches made within a 24 hour window before the check-in date). - The booking trends, however, are quite different. While bookings on hotel mobile sites are more or less evenly spread across the four booking windows along the “x” axis, OTA mobile bookings skew dramatically toward last minute – more than seven in 10. - Last minute isn’t the only thing in mobile: Same-day hotel bookings may be capturing an outsized share of the headlines around mobile booking trends, but it is by no means the only thing of note from the above figures. Also remarkable is the volume of shopping that is done in advance – well in advance. About 30% of searches on a hotel mobile site and one in five on an OTA are done at least a month in advance (Figure 1), indicating that all types of travel planning – not just last minute – is happening on mobile. Get the full story at WIT