Kayak.com's hotel inventory has surpassed 115,000 properties worldwide, which is more than any other travel site, due to recent partnerships with booking engine vendors and suppliers and new hotels added through the "Every Hotel on Earth" program.

"Kayak.com's hotel search enhancements, together with our industry-leading sorting and filtering tools and Google Maps integration, make it the easiest place for travelers to find the right hotel for every trip," said Drew Patterson, Kayak.com director of business development. "Plus, Kayak's 'Every Hotel on Earth' program allows travelers to discover more hotels on Kayak.com than any other travel site so they can search with confidence knowing that we'll show them properties unavailable elsewhere."

Kayak.com now offers the online travel industry's most comprehensive hotel database with more than 115,000 properties worldwide - from a power brand hotel in Times Square to a hostel in Thailand. Since launching the "Every Hotel on Earth" commitment in October, Kayak.com has added more than 25,000 properties thanks to recent partnerships with booking engine providers Pegasus Solutions and Otedis and new supplier agreements with HostelWorld.com, Asiarooms.com and WRH Hotels Network. In addition, the EHOE program encourages users and hoteliers to add hotels directly to Kayak.com's database and more than 5,200 properties have been added as a result.