To help explain why, let's play a game. Say you're planning a vacation to a city you've never visited and you've found a killer flight deal on a roundtrip ticket (yay!), and now it's time to find the right hotel. But before you even start searching, you know that finding the right hotel can be a pain in the you know what. Take Rome for example. Enter your dates on KAYAK and voila, you have narrowed it down to nearly 2,000 hotel choices. Not to fret. Our instant filters help you easily narrow your choices down even further. But filtering can only get you so far. Selecting 4 and 5 star hotels, if you're uppity like that, might make you miss a great B&B or boutique hotel. And then after filtering for hotels within five miles of the Spanish steps, and less than $400 a night, you're still faced with hundreds of options. What's a self-planning travel genius to do? Wade through 200 hotels? Get the full story at Kayak