Kayak.com and TIG Global entered a yearlong preferred marketing partnership. TIG Global will utilize patent-pending technology from Kayak Network to drive business to more than 100 of its client websites.

Kayak Network’s unique technology permits hotel advertisers to target marketing campaigns based on hotels’ specific need dates and travelers’ search parameters, including their dates of travel. In addition, Kayak Network’s cost-per-click pricing means that advertisers, including participating TIG Global hotels, only pay when travelers respond to their campaign.

Consistent with its goal of driving increased direct incremental revenue to its client hotels, TIG Global will employ Kayak Network’s marketing tools to generate qualified, cost-effective traffic to TIG Global client websites. TIG Global will integrate Kayak Network into its interactive marketing plans for participating clients. TIG Global and Kayak will together develop advanced reporting tools to track and optimize the effectiveness of its campaigns.

“Active participation in Kayak.com’s marketing tools will take our hotel clients’ ROI to the next level, creating direct positive impact on net operating income,” said Sue Heilbronner, executive vice president of marketing and business development for TIG Global. “TIG Global is always interested in building preferred relationships with industry-leading partners and in leveraging the newest, most efficient advertising tools in the hospitality industry on behalf of our clients.”

“Kayak Network’s partnership with TIG Global will provide participating hotels with first-of-its-kind marketing exposure, and Kayak’s monthly site traffic of several million visitors and partnerships with AOL, About.com, Lonely Planet, and USA Today will drive qualified traffic to the lodging industry when they need it most,” said Drew Patterson, director of business development at Kayak.com and former director of distribution at Starwood Hotels & Resorts.

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