Kayak introduced a new Buzz homepage which integrates Kayak Buzz, Airfare History, email alerts and Trip Ideas. Consumers who know the type of trip they want but haven't settled on a destination can use Kayak Buzz to browse prices for a region such as Europe or the Caribbean and use two airfare history tools to find the best dates of travel or track fares by registering a fare alert. Based on user requests, Kayak added a weekend getaway filter that displays prices for weekend-only itineraries.

"Kayak's enhanced Buzz homepage helps consumers narrow down their vacation choices by offering a snapshot of destinations, current prices and pricing history by date," said Drew Patterson, VP of Marketing. "The page is personalized for each user so New Yorkers will see low fares on popular routes from NYC airports while San Franciscans will see pricing from SFO. Kayak is the only site that helps consumers decide where to go, when to go and what to pay."

Users can access the new Buzz page from Kayak's homepage and choosing "Buzz" from the Research section. Repeat visitors to Kayak will see samples of Buzz and Fare Alerts customized from their home airport. Users who are signed in will see all registered fare and buzz alerts displayed. New features include:

- Users can browse the best fares instantly by using the Fare Buzz search box on the left of the page. Search filters enable the user to specify dates of travel, price constraints, regions of the world or a preferred destination, and the number of stops.

- A Buzz Alert widget displays a snapshot of destinations and prices. Click "See all cities" for the complete Buzz list which displays the lowest fares to the 25 most popular destinations from a consumer's hometown, as found by Kayak users. To see the Best Fare History for a destination which displays up to 100 fare/itinerary combinations, select "show fares". Sort the list by fare, age, departure date or use the search box to input new dates. Select "check now" to execute a real-time search for prices and availability.

- A Fare Alert widget displays the prices for a city pair over a five month time period. Click "See all fares" for the Best Fare History list for that city pair.

- Creating and managing alerts are even easier from the new homepage. Register a new alert by clicking "Create New Alert" and input departure airport, region or destination airport, preferred travel month or upcoming weekends, maximum price, number of stops, and frequency of notification. To modify or delete existing alerts, consumers only have to click on the "edit" button of an individual alert and check/uncheck new preferences. Fare alerts can be received through email and RSS feeds.

- Below the Fare Buzz box, users will see a new Late Breaking Fares feature, a continuous scroll of up-to-the-minute prices from real time searches on Kayak-airfares that consumers are finding right now. Users will see airfares customized from their home airport.

- Vacation recommendations from consumers and travel professionals are found in the Trip Ideas section. The most popular Trip Ideas are listed on the homepage, and under "More Trip Ideas" consumers can browse by category, popularity and keyword.

Kayak Buzz was the first airfare history tool when launched in November 2005. Several enhancements later, Kayak Buzz displays the lowest fares to the 25 most popular destinations from a consumer's hometown, as found by Kayak users. Consumer can further specify the fare buzz for a region: World cities, US, Europe, Caribbean, South America, Asia, Africa and Australia/Oceania. More than 400,000 people have registered to receive customized Kayak Buzz Alerts by email either weekly or daily.

The Buzz product was further enhanced last summer with the launch of Best Fare History, an option to view up to 100 fare/itinerary combinations for a specific city pair found by other Kayak users over the past 36 hours and Best Fare Trend Graph which charts pricing for city/date pairs found by Kayak.com users over the past 90 days.

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