The overall airfare increased to all popular destinations in 2012, with the one exception of Toronto, Canada. Las Vegas was the most popular destination in 2012, along with Orlando, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, and Denver. Kayak found that September is the cheapest month for domestic travel with an average fare of $296.97. January and October follow closely behind with average airfares of $305.70 ad $310.62 respectively. If you want to travel during the summer, August is the least expensive month for domestic trips. To get for cheapest fares, travelers should book between 21 and 3 days before departure. For those internationally bound, February and March are the cheapest months to fly, but will still cost travelers around $950. Airfare increases in April and May. For both international and domestic queries, January and February are the least busy times to fly. Get the full story at VentureBeat and Kayak