Retailers have a ready grab bag of excuses any time sales slip. Bad weather made people stay home, while lovely weather made people frolic outside. TV networks blame sagging ratings on Daylight Saving Time. In the world of deal making, the scapegoat of the moment is “volatile markets.” For sure, the stock and credit markets are making it harder to sell a company or push your corporate baby into the public markets. But sometimes, “market volatility” seems more like an excuse. Kayak on Thursday told our corporate cousins at AllThingsD that the online-travel comparison website was putting its IPO plans on hold because markets are too volatile. “We are going to file when the market conditions are favorable to IPOs,” Kayak Chief Marketing Officer Robert Birge told AllThingsD. Hmmm…Kayak first filed its paperwork to go public in November 2010. Have markets been “volatile” for the better part of a year? Get the full story at The Wall Street Journal (free content) Read also "Kayak puts IPO plans on hold" at AllThingsDigital