Less than six months after launch, Kayak.com was selected by the editors of Laptop Magazine as the best site for booking travel online in the publication's August 2005 issue.

Chosen from a field of online travel search engines, Kayak.com received the only perfect 5-star score and was recognized for its "real-time searches," "easy-to-read screens," and "prices that include all taxes and fees."

In their review, Laptop Magazine highlighted the following additional benefits of using travel search engines like Kayak.com.

- Save time by visiting one single location that searches dozens of sites for the lowest prices on flights, accommodations and car rentals.

- Search discounters, consolidators and unconventional ticket sellers in addition to major airline sites.

- Fast, lightning fast, in some cases, yielding hundreds of results.

- No booking fees.

"Being recognized by the editors of Laptop Magazine, who are some of the industry's most savvy tech users, is a strong validation that the founders of Kayak.com were successful in creating a travel search engine that meets the needs of today's online shoppers," said Steve Hafner, CEO and co-founder of Kayak.com. "Meta-search is the future of online travel and Kayak.com has emerged as the top site in the space."

The Laptop award comes just two months after a survey by Thomas Weisel Partners found that Kayak.com outperformed competitors in the search for lowest priced airfares. According to survey results, the meta-search sites found/matched the best price in 54% of searches versus 51% for airline sites and just 20% for the agency sites. Comparing just the meta-search and agency sites, the meta-search players came out ahead in 74% of searches. The best individual performer was Kayak.com, which found/matched the best deal in 64% of searches, followed by Farechase at 30% and SideStep at only 10%. None of the agency sites did better than 11%.