The financial results, disclosed Friday in the Norwalk, Conn. company's latest IPO prospectus, reveal how significantly Kayak has relied on acquisitions to achieve its rapid growth over the years--and how those same deals can come back to haunt the company even years later. Kayak's total revenue rose to $52.7 million last quarter, up 43% from a year earlier and the highest on record. Increased travel queries played the largest role in such growth. The company singled out its May 2010 acquisition of swoodoo as contributing 20% of the growth in queries and $5.6 million of the revenue growth. But a separate, older acquisition forced Kayak's bottom line into negative territory. The company reported a net loss of $6.9 million last quarter due in large part to a $15 million write-off of its SideStep brand and website, which the company discontinued in January. Kayak's acquisition of SideStep drew attention in late 2007 by bringing together the largest two competitors in the meta-travel search industry. But by early this year, the companies' technology had been fully integrated and Kayak was no longer interested in maintaining two separate websites. Get the full story at The Wall Street Journal (free content) Read also "Kayak acknowledges threat from leading Internet search engines" at EyeForTravel