Kayak has added a hotel search to the UK site, following the successful launch of Kayak.co.uk?s flight search and Buzz product earlier this year.

UK travellers will now have access to online travel?s most comprehensive database of hotels.

While other travel websites only sell the products that make them money, Kayak?s ?Every Hotel on Earth? program is a promise to provide travellers with details of any hotel, anywhere in the world. Consumers and hoteliers can easily add a hotel to Kayak?s extensive database, including hotels without a computer reservation system. Today the database includes more than 158,000 hotels, 15,070 of which are user or hotelier added. As with air, Kayak?s MultiBook? technology allows travellers to choose where to make their purchase, directly from the hotel, from an online travel agency or through a consolidator.

To enhance the quality of its information, Kayak offers an ?accuracy promise? to ensure that every hotel is presented on the site with correct and trustworthy information. Additionally, anyone can request an edit to a hotel listing if, for instance, the pool is closed for renovations or parking is no longer free. Kayak verifies the information before editing the listing.

Steve Hafner, CEO and co-founder of Kayak says ?At Kayak, we understand the importance of choosing the right hotel, and believe consumers are entitled to see all the estimated 300,000 hotels worldwide, not just the 15% that are marketed through other travel sites. Travellers consider several variables while searching for hotels and only Kayak offers a comprehensive list of options and the filtering tools needed to quickly and easily narrow in on the perfect hotel.?

Kayak.co.uk also uses a mash-up with Google Earth to integrate search results so consumers can see the exact location of any hotel. Users can then check the satellite image to see exactly how close they really are to the beach or airport, or use the ?custom address? link to choose a minimal distance from a specific address or location.