Group business is growing. According to American Express,1 group hotel rates increased globally 2.8 percent on average over 2017, with North America seeing the greatest increase, rising 3.5 percent. And we can expect those rates to continue their upward climb along with continued demand growth from groups.2 Unfortunately, many hotels are not capturing the full potential of this growth – the average U.S. hotel occupancy rate hitting a 30-year high3 at 66.1 percent, while event space remained vacant a disproportionate amount of the time. Groups provide leverage in pricing. And while leisure travelers may cancel on a whim, group business is sticky, operating in both peak and off-peak seasons. In addition, group customers spend more on ancillaries, have a higher propensity for repeat business, and often combine business trips with leisure vacations (“bleisure”). By adding critical pieces to your group sales toolkit, your hotel will g gain exposure to your highest valued prospects and have real-time access to accurate group demand forecasts, optimal room rate suggestions, and more, enabling your sales team to respond quicker and convert more booked business. Get the full story at Rainmaker