International markets currently account for 44% of Expedia's total gross bookings and 47% of its total revenues. The company has a stated goal of deriving more than half of its revenues from international points of sale. To achieve this target, Expedia is rapidly growing in Asia via its partnership with the Chinese OTA eLong. The company is building a stronger foothold in Europe also through the acquisition of Trivago, a German meta-search company that has an inventory of more than 750,000 hotels (before the Trivago acquisition Expedia had only 200,000 hotels) from more than 200 booking sites in 40 countries. With a revenue contribution of 72% and gross bookings contribution of 46%, hotel bookings is the most important division in Expedia's portfolio. In addition to accounting for a majority of its revenue, hotel bookings offer around 19% revenue margin which also makes it the most profitable division, compared to airlines (2%) and car rentals & cruises (8%). Get the full story at Seeking Alpha