Children aged 8 to 14 are adding Internet duties to their list of chores.

According to "Surfin' on Mom's Turf: Cyber Chillin' With 8-14 Year-Olds," a report released by Stars for Kidz, 14 percent of kids have helped parents prepare their income tax return online.

"In this 8 to 14 age group, these kids are the first strong generation where they have had all these sophisticated levels of technology from childhood, and they function intuitively," said Adele Schwartz, research director at Stars for Kidz.

Fourteen percent of respondents helped parents find tax forms on and got information from the Web site. Kids also pitched in on banking and online bill payment tasks. Additional chores given to kids include sharing pictures and e-mails with relatives (38 percent); looking up movie listings (38 percent); responding to invitations, party and vacation planning (36 percent each); and travel (36 percent); getting driving directions (35 percent).

"What we see is the kids who are computer competent are becoming pivotal sources of information and planning for the family," said Schwartz. "Kids think moms [parents] are clueless, while that may or may not be true, kids are quicker and they find [information online] easier."

Parents find assigning online duties to pre-teens and teens a "healthy outlet," according to Schwartz. "There is a life skills element here; I think kids are seeing there is an interesting way to run your life."

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