A small percentage of Web content really makes a difference. It makes the sale, delivers the service, and builds the brand. This is the killer Web content. It probably represents less than 10% of content published on the Web, because - let's face it - most content just gets in the way.

Up until now, content has been a hugely undervalued asset. In the early years of the Web, the focus was on the technical. Then it shifted to visual design. Only now are people recognizing that quality content is the essence of what makes a Web site successful. The Web runs on content. It is its hidden asset, its gold. Yet, for so long, it has been treated like coal—a low-grade, low-cost commodity best dealt with in bulk.

The opportunity to create content has never been greater. We are living through a text revolution—from emails to mobile phone texting, from Web sites to blogging, the world has gone mad for words. So you'll need to be sure your skills in creating killer Web content are well honed. Because if your content isn't the killer stuff, how on earth is it going to stand out, and who on earth is going to bother reading it?

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