In less than 10 years time, the internet has changed the face of communication and become the "global village," a mechanism for global communication -- democratic in nature -- with the ability to penetrate various cultural contexts simultaneously.

Within this village, a star such as Sandi Thom was created. Sandi was a relatively unknown musician who marketed herself with nothing more than a webcam and a podcast in her basement and gained more than 40,000 viewers worldwide in her first week, elevating her to the status to that of an international superstar.

Ten years ago, this organic marketing strategy was inconceivable, but today the global village has never been more evident. Anyone can post information and have it consumed via numerous distribution channels or mediums worldwide. So the question of how to deliver the right content to the right user at the right time and have it viewed or heard becomes critical.

But regardless of all the options out there, and all the information flowing through them, a successful content strategy is not impossible. The basics of marketing still apply, despite the medium or format.

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