Marketers use reputation management systems to monitor and act on social media, and operations leverage survey programs to pinpoint problems. Executives use feedback to formulate strategy, and HR use it to drive training and incentives based on feedback results. But these siloed solutions make it incredibly difficult to see the full picture. Although each department has their own unique goals and objectives to meet, the impact can be greater when it’s all done from within one system. Everybody can take advantage of all the information, not just the slice that comes with their specific solution. Having one solution across the organization brings great benefits: - Role-based dashboards allow employees see only the data that is relevant to them, eliminating the noise. - Connection to a common back-end means the data is inherently integrated, allows for case management, alerts, and notifications to flow between departments and functions as issues escalate and are resolved. - One solution saves money, displacing an often costly collection of specialized products. Get the full story at Market Metrix