Some time ago I was discussing website marketing content with a new client.

It seemed that no matter what content and writing style we suggested to the client – he simply did not agree. He knew what he wanted to see when he got to a website – and we were simply off base.

Unfortunately, he was not his website’s target audience. In fact, his target audience was (and still is) female. Even though the client was balking at our suggestions, we were clearly building a rapport. So I asked him directly – “What percentage of your customers are men?”

“Successful website marketing depends upon your understanding of your target audience.”

His answer was a slightly muffled “10 per cent”.

“So 90 per cent of your customers are women?” I asked him – gently pushing home the point.

“Yes”, was his reply. And after a moment’s pause, in a voice that was clearly on-board “OK, we’ll try it your way”.

Our way involved website marketing content that addressed the need for women who are buying a product that is very tactile but that cannot be touched on the internet. Product pictures and descriptions that reinforced the target customer’s need for soft, cuddly, and warm as well as as being personalized and thoughtful. In short – website content for the target customer. The new content, combined with a new search-engine-friendly and target-customer-friendly website design is proving a success.

It sounds obvious, and yet it is very difficult to look at a website through the eyes of the target customer. The tendency is to project our own preferences and slant – whether we are aware of it or not.

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