Think of online media in the context of a dinner party. If the ads are the invitations, the landing page is the host. Without it, the evening has no real direction. You're not sure who to talk to or what to do. The comfort of having someone introduce you around and show you to the refreshments is lost. You're on your own, and you don't know a soul.

Strangely, a good many campaigns don't employ landing pages at all. Consumers who click banners or paid search ads are directed to a corporate or brand site home page, then left to fend for themselves. Interaction with that page is tracked, of course. But by directing traffic to an existing site page created for a specific purpose irrespective of a media buy, marketers are really selling their campaigns short.

Generally, landing pages are defined as pages designed specifically to generate a result. Whether that conversion comes in the form of a sale, download, or lead through an online form is irrelevant. It's that the page encourages the desired conversion that's important.

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