Marketplace Intelligence is a new, fully integrated business intelligence dashboard accessed through a customers' Lanyon Total Hospitality Portal that displays graphical and analytical views of a corporation's negotiated programs in comparison to similarly compiled and averaged data from all of Lanyon's 800+ corporate accounts. It vastly surpasses currently available benchmark reports, transforming previously delivered data into a powerful, intuitive and interactive online dashboard with visualizations that include Google maps, scorecards, charts and graphs and drill-down analytics. The Marketplace Intelligence solution consists of a Dashboard section and Analysis section. The Dashboard provides various visual analyses, including geographical views that aggregate and benchmark several metrics regarding solicited hotels within a corporation's transient hotel program, compared to average metrics offered to other Lanyon corporate accounts by those same hotels. The new Marketplace Intelligence solution furthers Lanyon's foray into business intelligence following the release in April 2013 of a supplier Business Intelligence dashboard, including the Property Insights Report, which will be renamed Marketplace Intelligence as well. "Everything we do – all of our products and services – are in support of this unique marketplace we have created, the world's largest commercial community of hospitality suppliers and organizational buyers across the globe. Although our buyers and sellers enjoy different services and benefits from the Marketplace, it makes sense to use the same brand and delivery methods for both solutions." said Todd Tyler, President and CEO of Lanyon. "The Marketplace Intelligence we are now delivering through our Total Hospitality Portal is hugely beneficial to all marketplace customers as they work together to drive savings, deliver services and increase opportunities." Related Link: Lanyon