At today's Apple show there will be several hardware announcements. Among them we’ll probably hear about two new iPhones: 4.7-inch and possibly 5.5-inch models that seek to satisfy the consumer appetite for larger and larger screen sizes. Phablet owners are some of the most engaged users in the market. According to Flurry, “Phablets command a disproportionate share of app activity. While they account for only 6 percent of active users, Phablet users account for 11 percent of all app sessions. This is up from only 3 percent of sessions in 2013.” Larger screens has been one of the areas of competition and attempted differentiation among Android makers. Accordingly there has been what might be called a “size race.” Phablets now represent about 18 percent of active Android devices vs. only 7 percent in 2013. Get the full story at Marketing Land Read also "‘Phablets’ will lead to explosion in mobile travel bookings"