Like HotelTonight, Hot Hotels’ mobile apps offer a selection of last minute deals each day to help fill partner hotels’ inventory, while also passing on savings to customers. These span 43 countries and 257 cities in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Israel. Whereas the HotelTonight model is based on direct relationships with hotels, Hot Hotels operates a hybrid model that also sees it contract hotels via third parties — a model it believes scales better since it ties into existing technology platforms used by the hotel and travel industry, essentially redesigning the experience for mobile, and also enabling it to offer a larger inventory of deals compared to others in the last-minute mobile-only hotel booking space. In a statement, Conor O´Connor, CEO of Hot Hotels, comments: “With this investment by Axon, we now have the firepower to establish clear water between ourselves and our competitors in Europe. With the expertise of Axon’s investment team, as well as its global network of offices, Axon provides a base to accelerate our roll-out in fast growing Latin America.” Get the full story at TechCrunch