Despite offering one of the consistently worst user experiences of any website in the travel industry, United continues to promote it. It is one thing offer a poor experience and be working hard to fix it. That anyone could understand. It’s quite another to put a bad experience in front of your customers, make no effort to fix it, and create marketing messages to promote it. The difference between Delta's recently redesigned easy to use site and United’s is like night and day. While United was taking a giant leap backward last year by abandoning their own site to adopt the Continental Airlines website after their merger, Delta has spent the last few years investing in creating a great online experience. Luckily, there is good news in this story. Looking at United vs. Delta may present the ultimate case study in contrasts for how to successfully implement a great user interface, and how Not to – in a way which should offer lessons for any industry. Get the full story at the Influential Marketing Blog