Even with a boost from the Easter holiday last April, similar to the lift in March of this year, April 2013 set a solid year-to-date global growth pace of +4.0% for the corporate and +5.4% for the leisure market. In North America, the year-to-date growth rate also remained positive through April, reaching +2.4% for business, and +6.8% for leisure. “The region’s evergreen destinations like New York and Los Angeles remain strong for business and leisure. But, current transactions evidence double digit year-over-year bookings growth through August for North American leisure destinations like Mexico City (+51.1%), Nashville (+19.7%), Denver (+15.8%) and Portland (+10.3),” said David Millili, chief executive officer of Pegasus Solutions. “Domestic demand is delivering the most significant portion of these bookings, followed by neighboring Canada and Mexico. For certain cities, the UK, Germany, Japan and Australia are also helping fuel growth.” The positive demand results were mirrored in the average rates paid, where North America’s corporate rates came within a mere -0.2% of 2012 in April. Global rates stayed a slim +0.1% ahead of last year. Leisure market rates in North America jumped +3.3% during the month, significantly beyond the +1.2% rise seen at the global level. “The investment community is taking a hard look at the global hospitality market this week, which, by all indicators, is performing well for both channels in terms of bookings and rates,” added Millili. “For hotels in North America, we’re seeing the corporate market fall short of the leisure market’s impressive run. Looking ahead, this trend will continue as global corporate demand is expected to ease just below 2012 levels after a potential bump of around +4% in June. In the global leisure market, current business on the books is showing a climb approximating +8% that could reach as high as +11% in August.” Related Link: Pegasus Solutions